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Surface Temperature Thermometers

Thermometers designed to take the surface temperatures, making them ideal for measuring hot plates and radiators.

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Further Information

Surface temperature thermometers are non-penetration instruments that are specifically designed as a professional tool to take and monitor surface temperatures, making them ideal for measuring both hot plates and central heating radiators.

Surface thermometers have primarily two roles, one as a catering thermometer and the other as a central heating and plumbing tool.

They can how ever be used in any environment where surface temperature needs to be assessed and controlled.

As a professional catering instrument the surface thermometer is ideal for monitoring the surface temperature of griddles and hot plates.

As a heating engineer's tool, surface temperature thermometers are invaluable and can be used for a range surface temperature monitoring of applications. Surface thermometers in this instance can be used to check the surface temperature of radiators, boilers and pipe work, crucial when bleeding radiators to maintain an efficient heating system.

Our top quality and popular TME Solo surface thermometer is particularly useful as it has a detachable probe, and can be used with various different types of probe such as penetration probe, air probe and spatula probe, making this a truly versatile instrument.

As with all our thermometers we often have promotions and offers on our range of surface temperature thermometer range.