Air Temperature Thermometers

Thermometers with probes specially designed to take air temperatures.

Further Information

Our range of air temperature thermometers are designed specifically to measure air temperature. These useful air thermometers can be used for a number of applications both in the home and in industrial situations.

The air temperature thermometers can be used to check operating temperatures of appliances such fridges, freezers, cool cabinets, chillers display fridges etc, as well as ambient air temperatures.

When used as an ambient air thermometer this instrument can be used for endless professional applications, such as a hypothermia preventing device in an elderly person's residence, as a workplace thermometer, ensuring staff are working within acceptable temperature levels etc.

Air temperatures thermometers are also invaluable round the house, for applications such as monitoring baby's nursery, checking loft and attic temperatures (to evaluate insulation), and for greenhouses and conservatories.

Our range of air thermometers all have the added feature of being able to accept a range of other probes, making this thermometers truly versatile. Among the alternative probes available for our air temperature thermometers are penetration probes, surface probes, and spatula probes.

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