Home and Garden Thermometers

Further Information

We have a selection of thermometers designed for use around the home.

Keeping rooms at the correct temperature ensures that energy is not wasted by overheating the room and that health is not compromised by under-heating it. We stock very simple, low-cost, colour-change thermometers, traditional spirit thermometers and digital thermometers, some of which can also measure humidity.

Most people are aware of the importance of keeping babies' rooms at the correct temperature and we also have a selection of thermometers with bright, eye-catching designs for use in the nursery.

The other room we cater for is the bathroom. Avoiding accidental scalding by checking bath water temperature is quick and easy to do.

Moving outside the house, we also have thermometers for use outdoors, in conservatories, greenhouses, swimming pools, spas and fish ponds.