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Healthcare Thermometers

Low-tech and high-tech thermometers for measuring body temperature.

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Further Information

We offer a great range of healthcare thermometers, which are all designed to monitor either body temperature or ambient room temperature.

Our range of instruments includes ear thermometers, clinical thermometers, fertility thermometers and wall thermometers.

Our healthcare thermometers range from low cost instruments, like our forehead temperature indicator which is an essential for every first aid box, right up to our high tech infrared forehead and ear thermometers. All these devices are designed to monitor body temperature. Our infrared healthcare thermometers are ideal for use with babies and small children as they are non contact, non invasive instruments, which will cause minimal distress for the patient during body temperature monitoring.

Also within our healthcare thermometer range we sell an ovulation and fertility thermometer and charts, which will help to establish the users most fertile time, which can increase the chance of becoming pregnant.

Also within our range of healthcare thermometers we supply hypothermia thermometers which, when used correctly will help ensure that the ambient room temperature is kept within safe and acceptable limits. This type of temperature monitoring is especially important for helping to maintain the health and wellbeing of young children and old people.

Watch out for offers on our healthcare thermometer range!