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We are continuing to process and dispatch orders as normal and goods will be sent using your requested delivery service. However, we understand that customers in certain areas may experience some minor delivery delays due to courier workloads. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.

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Catering and Food Thermometers

A wide selection of domestic and professional catering and food thermometers.

Further Information

We offer a wide selection of thermometers which are ideal for caterers and home cooks alike.

A digital thermometer can provide a quick check of food temperatures, and confirm that food has been cooked to high enough temperature to ensure it is safe to eat. A catering thermometer is a must for all café, pub and restaurant chefs and is also a great way to ensure that barbequed food or poultry is safe to eat at home.

We stock low cost budget instruments, ideal for occasional use, to expensive high-specification professional quality thermometers for commercial operations that require accuracy and robust construction. In additional to digital catering thermometers we offer several versions of the meat thermometer, frying thermometers and thermometers designed specifically to ensure ovens are operating at the correct temperature.

Other thermometers which provide assistance in the kitchen include specialist jam and sugar thermometers which are ideal for toffee-making, yogurt thermometers that have the optimum yogurt culture temperatures on their scale and wine and beer making thermometers for wine lovers and home brewers.

We also have an extensive range of fridge thermometers ranging from simple low-cost spirit thermometers to digital fridge thermometers that will record the fridge of freezers minimum and maximum temperatures and offer functions such as alarms to warn when the fridge or freezer temperature is too high.

Waterproof thermometers are designed for use in areas where there is a lot of moisture and some are even dishwasher safe. This makes them suitable for checking the dishwasher washing cycle of commercial dishwashers to ensure that the water temperature in the appliance is reaching the claimed temperatures.