Customer Message - Coronavirus *** Updated 15 April 2021 ***

We are continuing to process and dispatch orders as normal and goods will be sent using your requested delivery service. However, we understand that customers in certain areas may experience some minor delivery delays due to courier workloads. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.

We would like to thank all our customers who have continued to use our services and worked with us throughout this difficult time.

General Purpose Thermometers

Our range of high quality domestic and professional thermometers, ordered by thermometer type.

Further Information

In this section we have grouped our thermometer range by type in order make it easier to locate the perfect thermometer for your specific requirements.

Digital thermometers account for the majority of our day to day sales and provide an easy to read and accurate temperature reading. Used widely in the catering and food industries they also have a huge number of other applications. From testing heating systems and water to monotoring room temperatures, they provide excellent value for money.

Infrared thermometers are suitable for providing surface temperatures and are capable of checking very high temperatures. We have sold these thermometers for all sorts of uses including engine testing, radiator surface temepratures and even checking the temperature of railway track!

Spirit thermometers are the traditional way of making thermometers. A clear tube is filled with a liquid that expands on heating and therefore moves up the tube as the temperature rises. originally these thermometers we filled with mercury, but this has now been replaced with safer liquids except for exceptional circumstances. For example laboratories are still permitted to use mercury thermometers.

Waterproof thermometers are ideal for use in areas subject to high levels of moisture and humidity or for testing water temperatures.

Colour-change thermometers do not generally provide the pinpoint accuracy of digital thermometers, for example, but are ideal for monitoring room temparatures or specific uses, such as testing dishwasher temperatures.