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Hygrometers and Humidity Meters

A range of easy-to-use hygrometers and thermo-hygrometers for measuring humidity.

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5 Item(s)

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Further Information

Hygrometers or humidity meters measure the moisture content in the air. This makes them particularly useful in areas where particular people, plants or products are sensitive to variations in environmental moisture. They are ideal for pharmaceutical and food production areas, greenhouses or workplaces.

Ensuring the moisture level is suitable not only improves the working environment for staff it can also prevent the deterioration of moisture-sensitive products such as paper and ensure that delicate equipment, including computers are not damaged.

Hygrometers can measure relative humidity. This is the ratio between the amount of water vapour present in the air or gas, as compared with the amount of water vapour that would be needed to reach saturation. Saturation is when the level is 100%.

Rooms that are too dry can cause breathing problems, particularly in individuals with respiratory conditions. Damp areas where the humidity level is over 70% can encourage the growth of moulds. It also provide ideal breeding conditions for dust mites in soft furnishings.

A humidity thermometer or thermo-hygrometer combines both a thermometer and hygrometer allowing the temperature and humidity to be monitored with a single instrument.