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Corintech WiFi Data Loggers

Dataloggers that use your existing wireless router to send information to your PC.

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Further Information

Corintech - The first choice for Wi-Fi Dataloggers

  • Excellent value for money - Low cost starting prices.
  • Easy to use FREE software - Simple intuitive interfaces.
  • NO NEED for additional hardware - If you have a WiFi router and know the password you'll be able to set-up and use these sensors.
  • Online Cloud Monitoring - Sensors can communicate with your PC or with the EasyLog Cloud, which allows you to monitor sensors from any internet enabled platform.
  • Robust design - More durable, plus look and feel better than many others on the market.
  • LCD - Not many WiFi sensors have an LCD. It's useful being able to read data straight off the sensor as well as via the software.
  • Range - Sensors have a unique range detection method built into the LCD display so you can see if you have moved the unit out of range of the router.
  • Rechargeable - Other sensors have a limited battery life. Sensors have a rechargeable battery so can be used again and again for many years.
  • FREE updates - Free sensor firmware and software updates

How is data transferred to the PC?

How is data transferred to the PC?The data is streamed directly from the EL-WiFi sensor to the network router which then forwards the data onto the PC, any data coming from the PC to the sensors also goes via the router.

The typical home user will simply buy however many EL-WiFi sensors they require, place them around their home and use their existing WiFi router. View basic network diagram. In some instances there may be the requirement to monitor a large amount of sensors on a wider scale eg, large properties or businesses with warehouses. In this case the best solution would be to use an extended WiFi network with the aid of WiFi extenders.

Wi-Fi Applications

Temperature and humidity data acquisition and monitoring can be applied to various industries including: building monitoring, server room monitoring, energy usage, HVAC, agriculture, horticulture and environmental studies. Sensors can be used across the food industry from manufacturing and storage to distribution and retail. Other sensitive products that require guaranteed environments include medical vaccines, historical artifacts and wine.

Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Datalogging Solutions


Users in an industrial environment with many sensors and lots of WiFi traffic may chose to purchase a WiFi router that is dedicated to their sensors to ensure efficient communications without disturbance from other local WiFi appliances. They will almost certainly require WiFi extenders so that they have WiFi coverage throughout their buildings and grounds, especially if there are WiFi barriers on their property e.g. rows of metal cabinets, metal equipment etc.

Small Business

Most small businesses already have a WiFi router but need to monitor data in different areas of their premises. To ensure reliable coverage of their WiFi network they will probably also require WiFi extenders but this depends on the size and layout of their location.

Home User

The typical home user will simply buy however many EL-WiFi sensors they require, place them around their home and use their existing WiFi router. If you don't have a WiFi router you can purchase one from our online store. If you have a large property or want to monitor data from a detached garage or shed you may also need to purchase a WiFi extender.