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T M Electronics TME are specialists in the design and manufacture of thermometers. The range includes catering and industrial thermometers. TME thermometers are recognised for their robust finishes and high accuracy.

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Further Information

T M Electronics is a family run business based in the UK. TME are specialists in the design and manufacture of thermometers and their range includes catering and industrial monitoring instruments.

TME thermometers are recognised for their robust finishes and high accuracy. The range offers functional design together with accuracy and stability.

TME produce temperature measuring instruments for a wide variety of applications including catering thermometers, HVAC temperature kits, food thermometers and general purpose temperature kits.

The TME waterproof thermometers are ideal for use in damp environments or for testing water and other liquids where there is a danger of the thermometer getting wet.

The thermometer range includes PT100, thermocouple and thermistor thermometers that provide industry-leading levels of accuracy.

The TME SOLO thermometer couples ease of use with the levels of accuracy needed to comply with food hygiene legislation. This innovative little thermometer included a fixed probe option and a version with interchangeable probes. The latter enables a single instrument to be put to a huge variety of applications. Compatible probes include air temperature sensors, penetration probes for liquids and semi solids, between pack probes and surface probes for testing solids.

TME also provide a sensor/probe design service to enable their thermometers to be used for highly specialised applications.