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Temperature Log Books

In commercial kitchens it is always a good idea to keep an eye on fridges and freezers to ensure they are working correctly. Any loss of temperature control can result in the growth of bacteria that lead to food spoilage and food poisoning. Our log books will help ensure this important aspect of food safety is properly monitored.

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Further Information

Temperature log books are used to keep daily records of a food business's fridge temperatures.

Correct temperature control of food is essential. If food is kept at too higher temperature, not only will it spoil quicker, but any harmful bacteria on the food will grow and multiply more quickly. When present in sufficient numbers harmful bacteria will cause food poisoning. If a fridge operates at too lower temperature it will waste electricity resulting in higher utility bills and can also have an effect on the quality of chilled food.

Temperature recording of fridge temperatures provide a written and lasting record of temperature checks which will help to demonstrate a food business's commitment to comply with food hygiene regulations to food safety enforcement officers. They will also help to highlight any problems with fridges not operating correctly and provide a record of action taken when things have gone wrong.

Our temperature log books contain sufficient pages to record 6 months worth of temperature reading. They also have full instructions and guidance for completing the logbook.