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Probes and Sensors

We have a vast range of probes and sensors suitable for almost all temperature monitoring applications.

Further Information

Our vast thermometer probe and temperature sensor range includes equipment manufactured by Comark, Hanna and TME. They include thermometer sensors for a huge number of applications from simple food penetration probes to pipe temperature clamp probes for testing hot water systems. Some of the options are detailed below:

Penetration Probes

Penetration probes or needle probes as they are sometimes known are designed for insertion into the material being tested. They are ideal for liquids, semi-solids such as foods and granular materials. The temperature is measured by the tip of the probe and therefore you could, for example, test the temperature in the middle of a joint of meat to ensure it has been cooked thoroughly in the centre.

Air Probes

Air probes react quickly to changes in the temperature of air and other gases, so are ideal for testing ambient room temperatures, refrigeration units and cabinets and flue gas temperatures.

Surface Probes

Surface probes are used to measure solid objects and will test the surface temperature of the material. Typical applications include testing heating system radiators, cooker hot plates and pipe temperatures. We offer a variety of surface probe including clamp probes and sensors incorporated into velcro strips, both of which are designed for taking pipe temperatures.

Corkscrew Probes

These are very heavy duty probes designed to "screw" into frozen foods and more solid materials.

Food Simulant Probes

Food simulant probes mimic the speed of temperature change in a food when the air temperature changes around it. For example if you place some food at room temperature into a fridge, the temperature of the food will not immediately drop to the same temperature as the air in the fridge. A simulant probe will change at a similar speed to a food item would. This is particularly useful for testing food safety systems.

Between Pack Probes

As the name suggested, these probes are designed to go between packs to give a temperature reading without damaging the product as would be the case with a penetration probe.

Specialist and Custom Probes

Because of our strong links with several manufacturers of probes we can source or commission probes for almost any application. For example we have had probes made for testing large oil tanks, silage and for monitoring temperatures in specialist kilns.