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Professional Digital Thermometers

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Professional Range Digital Thermometers

We offer a carefully selected range of professional range digital thermometers from various different manufacturers such as Brannan, Comark, Digitron, Hanna and TME.

This is a range of serious instruments designed for use in the most demanding of environments such as restaurants, food factories, laboratories, educational establishments, and well as the discerning home user.

These heavy duty instruments are designed for situations where accuracy, reliability and robust build quality are essential, and most offer a wide range of features, like waterproof casings, or cal-check function, for example.

Generally, our professional range digital thermometers are designed to measure the temperature of liquids and semi-solids, however many have the very useful option of interchangeable probes to allow the instruments to be used for a variety of applications such as measuring air temperature, food storage monitoring, as well as very specialist uses such food transportation temperature management. Probes available include; fast response, waterproof, heavy duty, plug, wire air, rigid air, food stimulant, damped sensor, corkscrew and milk dip.

Some of our professional range thermometers can be used with test caps, allowing periodic calibration checks by the user, and all can be supplied with UKAS certification (at extra cost).

We regularly have special offers on thermometers in this range, so pick up a top quality instrument at a great price today!

Online Catalogue | Thermometers |  Professional Digital Thermometers

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