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Legionella Temperature Testing Kits

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Our Price inc Vat: 79.90

Digital Thermometer with a range of probes for testing the ...

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Comark C12 Legionella Thermometer Kit

Our Price inc Vat: 84.00

The Comark Legionella Thermometer Kit is a versatile package, suitable ...

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Comark KM330 Legionella Thermometer Kit 1
List Price:132.00
Our Price inc Vat:99.00
Save 25%

A rugged value for money electronic, Type K thermocouple thermometer ...

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Comark C28 Legionella Kit with UKAS Calibration Certificate
List Price:201.60
Our Price inc Vat:139.20
Incredible Offer Save Over 62

A quality Legionella temperature testing kit complete with a C28 ...

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TME Legionnaires Temperature Kit

Our Price inc Vat: 226.20

This Legionnaires Temperature Kit features top of the range instruments ...

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Legionella Temperature Testing Kits

Our range of Legionella Temperature Testing Kits is probably the most comprehensive available, with very cost effective entry level kits right up to super accurate professional kits.

What is Legionella?

Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria, which is spread by breathing in small droplets of contaminated water. Legionnaires' disease can affect anybody but is more prevalent in the over 50's and people whose immune system is impaired, usually due to ill health. Legionella bacteria is common in natural water sources such as rivers and ponds and is frequently found in water systems such as water towers and hot and cold water services in large buildings. Legionella bacteria thrive in temperatures of between 20°C and 45°C (although they can survive dormant at lower temperatures). The bacteria are killed at higher temperatures, which is why hot water distribution systems should be maintained at temperatures above 50°C, and water heaters above 60°C.

How do Legionella Temperature testing kits help?

Our legionella thermometers are designed to be used specifically for legionella testing. This entails checking water temperatures in a buildings' water systems, such as hot and cold water services (eg taps and showers), and industrial systems such as pumps, heat exchangers, and pressure washers. Legionella thermometers are also vital for testing air temperature in areas such as cooling towers which have been proven to distribute legionella infected aerosols over very large areas.

Our Legionnaires temperature testing kits are all supplied with the relevant probes to allow comprehensive testing along with a range of other useful items such as probe wipes, timers, log books etc.

Online Catalogue | Thermometers |  Legionella Temperature Testing Kits

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